Reward Program Solutions


Reward program solutions for success

Including a reward program in your business plan can be a no-brainer – it’s a strategy proven to drive a wide variety of positive results. But effectively managing, promoting and communicating the program, keeping it fresh and exciting, tracking ROI and goal attainment, servicing reward redemption and fulfillment can make or break your program’s success — and your sanity. This is where RewardTrax comes in.

RewardTrax gives you everything you need to create and manage a hassle-free, cost-effective, online reward programs. Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, RewardTrax will boost your business reward program performance by increasing participant engagement, reducing administrative overhead and lowering reward costs. It does this through:

  • A comprehensive set of tools and application modules that simplify program rollout, communication, performance and cost tracking, reward fulfillment — everything involved in running a program; and
  • An unmatched selection of motivational rewards — offering millions of different choices plus travel packages, live event tickets and “concierge” options that let your elite-level participants request something unique and special. (A fully trained pedigree dog? A classic motorcycle? We’re on it.)

RewardTrax: versatility to meet your unique needs and objectives

RewardTrax reward programs build relationships and motivate behaviors essential to achieving business objectives. The highly configurable reward program software is tailored to satisfy your specific requirements as well as target a wide range of business objectives. Here are some of the many ways businesses apply RewardTrax programs.

Distribution Channel Sales and Marketing

RewardTrax dealer, distributor, reseller, end-user and VAR incentive programs drive channel sales and profits by:

  • Strengthening channel partner relationships
  • Shaping the product sales mix
  • Establishing an edge over channel competition
  • Capturing partner / end-user data
  • Encouraging new product adoption
  • Building valuable customer insight

Customer Loyalty Programs

RewardTrax helps marketers build brands, reduce costs and boost profits by:

  • Driving purchase behaviors (volume, frequency, share of wallet and cross-sell/up-sell)
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Building customer brand advocacy
  • Accruing customer data and insight

Employee Recognition Programs

Our HR Module provides an effective way to engage and motivate employees by:

  • Promoting company culture and values
  • Rewarding outstanding employee performance
  • Encouraging cost-saving employee behaviors (safety, wellness, customer satisfaction, quality, attendance)
  • Increasing employee retention
  • Measuring performance improvement

Sales Incentive Programs

RewardTrax can help sales managers:

  • Motivate sales teams
  • Drive incremental sales revenue
  • Meet or exceed sales goals
  • Promote specific products
  • Execute successful product launches

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