Reward program software tailored to fit your needs

RewardTrax offers so much functionality it’s like having a full-time staff managing your reward program for you. The modular architecture makes the platform easy to set up, and provides the right combination of features to support the needs of your reward program and related business goals.
Here’s what it can do:

The RewardTrax point-based platform – the basic package

The “Basic” RewardTrax configuration builds a solid foundation for any online reward program. Its rich set of standard features give you all the functionality you need to launch and run your own successful reward program.
Key features include:

  • Fully branded program Website with unique domain name (“” for example).
  • Easy-to-use content management tools allow administrators to keep program news, information and key messages up to date on the program website, and top of mind in participants.
  • Integrated access to the largest, most diverse reward selection currently available
  • All reward fulfillment costs (shipping, handling and applicable taxes) included in pricing
  • Participant-to-participant point “gifting”
  • Reward support services via email (shipment status; mis-shipped or damaged items)
  • “Controlled” enrollment based on a client-provided list of eligible participants (employing a unique identifier such as employee ID number)
  • Upload of client-provided point award files using unique identifier to match participants to their awards.
  • Rich Text/HTML email tool to create and deliver personalized participant communications
  • A comprehensive set of program activity reports, including:  total points issued; total points redeemed/pending redemption; redemptions by product category and much more
  • Secure administrative tools that make it easy to manage participants and points
  • Credit Card Buy In which gives your participants the ability to use their own credit card on rewards when they’re lacking a few points
  • In-Store pickup which allows your participants to pick their award up at a participating local retailer.

Feature Modules

Expand on RewardTrax’s “basic” capabilities by adding our feature modules to your reward program. These modules enable you to easily customize the platform to fit your specific requirements and objectives.

The XChange Module – The HR Suite

The XChange Module was developed specifically for employee recognition programs. This module is used to recognize all individual participants’ efforts and contributions, and to provide a company-wide acknowledgement system for those contributions. With the growing trend of social media, this suite allows for an internal social media platform and helps build a culture of recognition.
The XChange Module can include any or all of the following features:

  • Service Awards
  • Birthday Acknowledgement
  • Spot Recognition
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Nomination Process
  • Suggestion Box
  • Associate Referral Program
  • Sales Referral Program

We’ve given you the technical overview, but as incentive program professionals, we highly suggest bundling The XChange Module with other modules so you enhance the amount of ROI your reward program produces. For example, if you wanted to create a set of modules that emphasize employee recognition, try this combination:

Employee Recognition Application

  • The XChange Module
  • The Learn and Earn Module
  • The Quick Points Module

By combining these modules, you create a true employee recognition application. Each module can be programmed to recognize employees on your program’s wall or any social network. For example, if John Doe earns 500 quick points for a job well done, his boss can announce it on the wall and show company-wide recognition for John’s accomplishment. Or if sally earns 100 points for getting 100% of her quiz correct, and is then caught in the act of putting what she learned from the quiz into action (think safety behavior), that can be announced, too. You could even reward John and Sally with Quick Points for being recognized – furthering the engagement and motivation they receive from your program.
If you wanted to create a suite that placed emphasis on driving and creating sales, consider this:

Sales Incentive Application

  • The XChange Module
  • The Performance Tracking Module
  • The Learn and Earn Module
  • The Quick Points Module

By combining these modules you create a true sales incentive program application. Sales people love being recognized almost as much as they love being rewarded for a job well done. When you partner the RewardTrax XChange module with any of the reward and tracking modules, you create a system that drives your sales people to produce as much as possible. For example, if one of your sales people puts in the largest sale of the quarter, not only can you give them some Quick Points to say thanks, you can post their accomplishment on your company’s XChange social wall and let the whole company know how great they did. They’ll love it. Or if a distributor makes a large purchase, you can announce it on your wall and then ship some Quick Points out in packaging to say thank you.
You can create any module combination you desire, or utilize all of them to create the ultimate reward and employee recognition package – giving your employees every reason in the world to perform at their highest ability.

The Open Enrollment Module

Open Enrollment allows anyone to fill out the program enrollment form and join your reward program without a personal invitation email or mailing with a unique one time access code (see “Controlled” enrollment in the Basic platform above). Your program administrator can then grant or deny program access based on the criteria collected from the enrollment form.

The Performance Tracking Module

The Performance Tracking Module is our most robust module in house – offering the most usability and flexibility. Customer loyalty, distributor rewards and channel partner sales incentive programs most often benefit from this module, as it allows program participants to submit their sales or proof of purchase claims online though your incentive program. In addition to the online tracking capability of performance, this module also allows you to:

  • Create and manage multiple promotions that can target various participant segments with different eligibility, verification, and point reward rules
  • Load lists of product serial numbers for real-time validation
  • Collect whatever information you desire on the online claim form, and program your own specific instructions for each field on the form
  • Detect and stop duplicates based on invoice number and product or your serial numbers
  • Reduce risk with system-managed claim verification and audits
  • Customize audit instructions per promotion to aid in the audit process
  • Set up and track participant progress towards program and individual performance goals

The Learn and Earn Module

The Learn and Earn Module is our most popular module offered as part of RewardTrax’s reward program software. Adding the Learn and Earn module to your incentive program enables your program administrators or department heads to create a hierarchical training curriculum that better trains employees and channel partners on your products thus allowing them to sell better. You can even award reward points for achieving pre-set thresholds assigned to quizzes or for participating in company surveys. This fun, educational module allows you to:

  • Create a progressive educational curriculum that will build foundational participant knowledge about your products and services
  • Easily upload and launch surveys, quizzes and training content within RewardTrax
  • Keep participants engaged by offering them more ways to earn points – all while ensuring they stay up to date with company programs, products and procedures
  • Extend the value of your program

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module helps organize reward program reporting and administration by structuring them into logical groups and levels. For example, a national program could be designed with regional sub-units used to break out reporting and budgets, control administrator access and manage participant communications. With this module you can:

  • Define organizational units and hierarchical relationships between units.
  • Define managers for each organization unit.
  • Restrict access to managers based on organizational unit or any subordinate units
  • Manage participants based on assigned organization units
  • Reporting can be segmented by organizational unit

The Manager Bank Module

The Manager Bank Module allocates department managers a “bank” of points, to issue to their subordinates at their discretion. This is often used in employee reward and employee recognition programs as a part of the established departmental budgets for rewards. With this module you can:

  • Set up Point awards with approval requirements and hierarchy structures as you wish
  • Establish point awards with a fixed or variable point amount

The Quickpoints Module

The Quickpoints module is an on the spot award system where you can generate certificate numbers where your participants are given an on the spot award by hand out or email award notification. Participants plug serial numbers into your reward program and are issued point tied to that specific serial number. You can run multiple quick point promotions – dates, promotions etc. Reports come with the module as well so you can track how your reward money is being utilized. Quick Points allow for the use of discretionary point “claim codes” as a reward vehicle in any RewardTrax reward program. Administrators create and hand out quick point certificates, which contain sets of unique codes that reward a specific number of points to a participant when they submit the code on your program website. With this module you can:

  • Issue on-the-spot “thank you” or “gift” points for participants or prospects
  • Code corresponds to a specific point value
  • Code can be distributed as a check, e-mail, label, card or whatever format you desire; regardless of delivery vehicle, the participant logs in to the program site and enters the code
  • We can customize branded quickpoints certificates for you, or we have five free templates available to use as needed
  • Points are automatically deposited into participant’s account

The Technology Integration Services Module

If you are looking to substitute some of your own technology in place of our standard RewardTrax services – no problem. Our Integration Services (implemented as a set of single object access protocol web services) currently support:

  • Use single sign-on
  • Point account management
  • Claim submission management
  • Profile transfer

Use each of these features separately, or combine them as needed. For example:

  • Use Single Sign-On to allow participants already logged into your Web site to bypass the RewardTrax login and go directly to your RewardTrax home page.
  • Build a widget that pulls real time information about a participant’s point balance and displays it anywhere on your organization’s website — not just on your RewardTrax site.
  • Automate data transfer to alleviate the need for the participant to enter the same information in other applications and again in RewardTrax.

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