All the benefits of building your own online reward program, minus the building part.

RewardTrax online reward programs operate by an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) technology platform that’s both economical and versatile. The platform features a flexible, modular architecture that can be quickly customized to create an incentive solution that’s optimized to meet the specific needs and objectives of your program and your organization.

RewardTrax reward programs offer many features and benefits such as:

  • Scale to accommodate any size participant audience
  • A support system with multiple and varied business objectives
  • Securely stored program and participant data
  • A global-ready interface
  • Quick set up – within 2-4 weeks

An engaging participant experience

With RewardTrax reward programs, participants earn and accumulate points as a reward currency. These points are awarded for desired behaviors, such as meeting sales targets, making purchases or going “above and beyond the call of duty” on the job. Points can be redeemed on millions of different reward items, all offered through a secure, custom-branded website. The program Website also serves as the online “home-base” for your program participants. After logging in to their secure, individual user account, your participants can:

  • Get news and updates on your products, company and programs
  • View promotions and program rules for point earning activities
  • Check their progress towards corporate goals and objectives
  • Review their point award and reward redemption history
  • Review product tutorials and complete training courses to prepare for, quizzes and surveys to earn points
  • Submit reward-related documentation
  • Browse and select rewards from over 15 million items, 24/7, from any computer or mobile device.

Credit Card Buy-In

This new addition to our host of features allows your participants to use their own credit card on rewards when they’re a little short on points. It works great because it helps your participants get their hands on valuable rewards even if they’re in a low point earning position. The more rewards your participants earn, the more motivation they receive from your program.

Powerful, accessible program administration

With RewardTrax, all aspects of program activity can be managed via an easy-to-use Web-based administration portal. Secure, permission-based access can be assigned to program administrators on an individual basis, allowing them to:

  • Enroll participants and award them with points
  • Manage participant data
  • Effectively manage their programs based on real time analytics from over 40 standard reports including program activity, budgets and performance
  • Create and manage multiple simultaneously run promotions and even allow department heads or regional managers to operate their promotions
  • Create and execute effective program communications to keep your products, goals and objectives top of mind amongst your participant base
  • Develop and manage hierarchical based training curriculums
  • Run a true employee recognition program through a social network environment
  • Issue participants with “On the Spot,” Quick Points so you can reward desirable behaviors as you see them happen
  • Operate a real international incentive program in over 200 countries. Shipping from in country./li>

Rewards and reward fulfillment

Psychology and industry research and years of experience shows that non-cash rewards are better motivators than cash incentives. However, for participants to be both engaged and inspired, incentive rewards must be meaningful to them, and the incentive program’s goals must be realistic.

Everyone has their own hobbies, interests and reward needs. But how can one online reward program offer rewards that are meaningful and motivating to all? RewardTrax removes the guesswork by offering the most extensive and compelling selection of rewards in the incentive industry. With tens of millions of reward choices, there’s something to interest and motivate every person.

Available rewards include:

  • Top quality, brand-name merchandise from companies like:
  • Apple
  • Nike
  • Movado
  • Tag Heuer
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Titleist
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Nintendo Wii
  • X-Box
  • Travel options including cruises, airline tickets, hotel stays, and resort packages
  • Live event tickets (including tickets to sold-out shows!)
  • Personal shopping for top point earners (Uniquely Yours) – our “make your wish” offering

What makes the RewardTrax rewards platform different?

Unlike the traditional warehouse-based fulfillment model, RewardTrax rewards are sourced through a world-wide network of strategic, online fulfillment partners. This approach gives you numerous advantages:

  • The widest and deepest offering of online reward options – updated constantly
  • No need for costly, dated print catalogs
  • Faster shipping directly from the source – typically 7-10 days
  • Global reward fulfillment capabilities
  • Real-time information on reward inventory and availability
  • Up-to-the minute point “pricing” that includes vendor sales and discounts
  • Points have more buying power (as much as 25% more) compared to warehoused fulfillment
  • Real-time hotel reservation booking tools
  • Our network of fulfillment partners means we will have all the latest must-have devices and tech toys

In-Store Pickup

The In-Store Pickup feature allows you to offer your participants the ability to pick their rewards up at a local retailer, reducing the amount of time between redemption and having the reward in their hands. Program participants will be able to log into their reward program, choose their reward, and then see which stores near them have the item in stock. They can then pick up their reward immediately. While the program will launch initially through Best Buy only, other retailers are on the way.

Program communication tools

Your reward program will be completely ineffective if you don’t communicate regularly with your participants, keeping your program top of mind, and your participants excited about reward possibilities. A well designed communication plan will generate awareness and participation at launch; keep the momentum going long term and ensure program performance stays properly aligned with organizational goals and objectives. It also gives you an opportunity to cross-promote your company’s products and services.

RewardTrax includes a mix of managed and event triggered program communication features that help you keep engagement and participation high. These include:

  • Audience-specific website messages and content:
  • Targeted and personalized HTML blast email capabilities:
  • Triggered emails: Enrollment confirmation, points awarded, order status, goal progress, etc.
  • Individual goal tracking/wish lists

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